Why Beginners Love The Dovo Shavette

dovo shavette for beginners

Shaving is the process every man has to go through. Shaving is hard well hard for beginners. At the beginning, it feels hard because of being a new addition to daily life. In shaving there are different things which are used and all of them should be of high quality so that one could have a good shave. Good blades, good shaving cream or shaving foam and definitely a good razor ensure a nice shave.

There are different types of razors which are used for shaving. Everyone uses a different type of razors according to their easiness. Some use common razors which are produced by manufacturers like Gillette and Treat. A lot of others are motivated by resources such as dovo shavette review and use straight razors such as the Dovette for an easy shave.

Why Dovo shavette?

There are different manufacturers which produce straight razors but Dovo shavette is the one which is best suited for beginners.

· Dovo shavette is easy to handle.

· There are different lengths of blades of Dovo shavette so that one could select the best one for oneself.

· It is lighter than other and made of a lighter and rust free material

· The pattern of the Dovo shavette is simply beautiful

· Affordable yet easy to use and install blades in it but still while putting blades in you have to be careful

Other influencing factors

There are different reasons for using a straight Dovo Shavette instead of a normal razor. A lot of people think that it is cool to use a straight razor that I think too that it is kind of cool. Other razors have more than one blade and you have to press the razor to the skin so that you may have a smooth shave and sometimes there is also a risk of cutting yourself.

By using a Dovo shavette your shave will last longer and your skin would look much smoother. Shaving with a straight razor is relaxing and you don’t have to hurry at all. When your beard is a bit healthy the normal razor would stick on it and may cause pain by plucking the hair from the root and it irritates you that’s why normal razor does not make a smooth and great shave like the Dovo shavette does. Other razors expire and start wearing out due to rust if made of metal and plastic razors are thrown away after just one shave and are added to a lot of plastic which is causing pollution.

Is the shave itself different?

Using Dovo shavette with the right technique will give you a great shave with smoothness. Dovo shavette offers different styles. There are a bit heavier shavettes too. But once you are addicted to the smoothness of Dovo shavette you will never switch to the normal razor. The normal razor users might find it tricky and difficult in the start to use straight Dovo shavette but once they are used to them they would love to use them and will be fun to use them a classy way.

These are all the reasons why beginners love Dovo shavette rather than the normal razor and those who use normal plastic razors should try and use these classy and smooth Dovo shevettes.


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