Dentistry as a Career- Important Reminders Every Student Should Remember

Dentistry as a Career- Important Reminders Every Student Should Remember

Many individuals, including professionals dread the services and procedures offered by dentists. In fact, even a visit to the dental office will immediately put some individuals into an anxiety attack. The anxiety and dread are founded on the potential dental problems and proposed dental procedures. Will the dentist find another cavity? Or will he recommend another tooth extraction, or a root canal? The visits, and the potential dental recommendations can easily put anyone at a defensive, and postpone yet again that visit to the dentist’s office. Although patients may try to distance themselves from the dental office, it doesn’t mean that it should not be considered as a profitable and promising career. Taking care of one’s dental health is a requirement, thus a career in dentistry will remain popular.

What to Expect When You Become a Dentist

When you pursue your studies to become a dentist, one of the important requirement is to build an element of trust. Trust is a requirement so that you can gain the confidence of the patients so that they will not develop fear and anxieties whenever dental procedures are discussed. A trusting relationship is important, and it’s best that dentists should be seen as someone who will only do what’s best for the patients. Aside from the technical skills required in the profession, it’s also critical for future dentists to develop effective communication skills. As an expert in the field, it’s important to communicate to your patients why certain dental procedures are recommended, and why some dental appliances are required. For example, the use of mouth guards for bruxism requires competent information-dissemination so that patients will see the value of these dental appliances.

Other duties of a licensed dentist include fitting of dentures, filling of cavities and extracting of teeth. Some dentists may specialize in areas like performing oral surgeries and treating serious teeth-related diseases. In most cases, dentists are often assisted by dental hygienists and dental assistants who are in charge of documentation and instrument sterilization.

Career Outlook

The industry is in need of new dentists, and students can take advantage of this need.  Dental and oral health are required, thus there will always be individuals out there who will need the services of dentists when it comes to teeth examination and extraction. Also, there’s a growing number of individuals and professionals who are looking for cosmetic treatments to show off pearly-white teeth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate is pegged at 18 percent from 2014 to 2024, and the Bureau expects that there will be more than 23,000 job openings.

The growth rate is expected to be sustained in the next few years, thanks to the need of new dentists that will serve the under-served minorities. The government is now encouraging students from the minority to pursue a career in dentistry and pay back by delivering dental services to members of the minority.

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